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Hot Topic 3:30 pm

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CALL-IS Hot Topic 

The Role of Technology and The 6 Principles 

3:30 - 4:45 pm EDT

Wednesday, March 13

Technology Showcase, Expo Hall - Booth 1111

Live broadcast link: http://tinyurl.com/call-is-youtube



The date and time in Atlanta GA USA is



Use this time zone converter to compare Atlanta, U.S.A/Eastern Daylight Time to your local time. 



In this session, presenters will discuss how to better get to know English learners by using technology, how to utilize technology to create ideal English learning environments, how to use digital means to differentiate instruction to various learner needs, how to assess English learners using technology, and how to use technology to create a community of practice among English teachers. Participants will receive examples and a number of tools that can be implemented in ESL, EFL, and ELT contexts.


Time  Speakers  Title  Summary  Materials 

Dr. Christine Sabieh,

 Notre Dame University, USA 

Introduction: Technology as a partner  Understanding the teaching/learning equation: Positing Technology to enhance partnerships with 6 principles 

Technology & 6 princs intro.pptx  

Christine Coombe,

Dubai Men's College, UAE

Tech and P1:  Know your learners    Christine C 6 Ps Know Your Learners.pptx  

Justin Shewell,

Arizona State University, USA 

Tech and P2:  Create conditions for language learning  Using technology to create a Language Ecosystem (conditions for language learning)  Shewell_6_Principles.pptx  

Georgios Kormpas,

Al Yamamah University, Saudi Arabia 

Tech and P3:  Design high-quality lessons for language development     

Christel Broady,

Georgetown College, USA 

Tech and P4:  Adapt lesson delivery as needed  Using technology to differentiate instruction for various learner needs   Christel_TESOL 2019 Presentation 6Ps Differentiation_2.pptx  

Jennifer Meyer,

Middle Tennessee State University, USA 

Tech and P5:  Monitor and assess student language development  Using OERs for Monitoring and Assessment:  Video Assessment and Feedback using Screencastify    No. 5 The Role of Technology and.pptx

Joseph Whinery,

Williamson County Schools, TN USA 

Tech and P6:  Engage and collaborate with a community of practice  Collaborative Tools:  Design and Implementation of eILPs (electronic Individualized Learning Plans) to Drive Instructional Collaboration   



Name and Email  Biography 

Dr. Christine Sabieh,


Through her teaching, administrative posts, teacher-training, and research, Dr. Christine Sabieh, a Professor at Notre Dame University, keeps up her interest in Educational Psychology, Language Teaching and Assessment, Educational Technology, Leadership and Management, and Professional Development. Her current research includes OER, Assessment, PBL, CBL, Blended and flipped Classrooms, Distance Learning, ESP, and Teacher Training. An advocate of CALL, she is a Certified On-Line Instructor/Trainer. She consults, tutors, conducts workshops, and publishes nationally and internationally. She has served the Lebanese Psychological Association (Founding member & President for five years),ASIACALL (President for five years), TESOL (CALL-IS Steering Committee for six years), former TESOLArabia (as contributor to activities, publications, Testing SIG member-at-large), and AACE (SITE, E-Learn, EdMedia &Global). Dr. Sabieh is TESOL’s CALL-IS Chair for 2018-2019. 
Christine Coombe 

Dr Christine Coombe is an Associate Professor of General Studies at Dubai Men’s College in the UAE.  She has a PhD in Foreign/Second Language Education from The Ohio State University.  She is widely published in areas such as assessment, leadership, research methods, TBLT, teacher effectiveness and efficiency.  Christine served as Conference Chair of the TESOL Convention in Tampa in 2006 and as TESOL International Association President from 2011 to 2012.  She received the James E Alatis Award for exemplary service to TESOL in 2018.  



Justin Shewell


Justin Shewell is a former Chair of the CALL-IS and served as the Electronic Village Program Manager for several years before being elected to the TESOL Board of Directors. He is the 2019 recipient of the D. Scott Enright Interest Section Service Award. He has a PhD in Educational Technology from Arizona State University and a Masters degree in TESOL from Brigham Young University. He is the co-creator of several popular online courses, including Learning How to Learn a Language and Teach English Now!, and the author of several books including 50 Ways to Teach Online and 50 Ways to Learn a Language. 
Georgios Kormpas  Georgios is currently the Director of the Teaching Learning and Development Center at Al Yamamah University.  He also works for the Center for Executive Education and teaches at INTERLINK.  Georgios is pursuing a Ph.D. researching Technology Enhanced Learning at Lancaster University. He is a member of the CALL-IS steering committee and the incoming Chair of the ANPC (Affiliate Network Professional Council) of TESOL International.  Georgios is a co-author of the new book 6 Principles for exemplary teaching of English Learners: Academic and Specific Purposes.      

Dr. Christel Broady,


Dr. Christel Broady, a member of the TESOL Board of Directors, is the chair of advanced graduate programs and professor of graduate education directing the online ESL teacher education program, which received highest rankings in the state and nation for its quality. She has authored a long list of publications, keynotes talks, presentations, and awards and recognition in the area of CALL domestically in the USA and in many countries. Dr. Broady has been an NCATE program reviewer and she was the TESOL representative for CAEP. In addition, Dr. Broady represents TESOL on a national workgroup for the seal of biliteracy in K-12 schools.  She was the president of the Kentucky TESOL, conference organizer a state TESOL conference and president at the Southeast states TESOL conference. At TESOL, she chaired the international Elementary School Interest section and was a member of the CALL steering committee. Dr. Broady is an EFL learner herself. She represents immigrants living in multicultural and –lingual families raising school age multilingual children in the USA. Most of all, she is a lifelong learner and technology geek!  

Jennifer Meyer,


Jennifer Meyer, EdS, TESOL CALL-IS CoChair Elect, is an ESL teacher at Edmondson Elementary School and Sunset Middle School in Brentwood, TN, US.  She has been teaching ESL/EFL in the US and Europe for over 20 years.  She is currently a PhD candidate in Literacy Studies at Middle Tennessee State University.  She is a local, regional, and international presenter and researcher on topics involving professional development for general education teachers working with ELs, Learning Disabilities and ELs, and CALL topics in K-12 EL instruction.   
Joseph Whinery   




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