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Mobile Apps for Education

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TESOL CALL-IS presents:

Mobile Apps for Education


1:45 - 3:00pm  EDT

Thursday, March 14

Technology Showcase, Expo Hall - Booth 1111

Live broadcast link: http://tinyurl.com/call-is-youtube



The date and time in Atlanta GA USA is



Use this time zone converter to compare Atlanta, U.S.A/Eastern Daylight Time to your local time. 



This Showcase session provides ESOL teachers with the opportunity to demonstrate pedagogical uses for their favorite apps.


Time  Speakers  Title  Summary  Materials 

SJ Ehsanzadeh, Florida International University, USA 

Eric Dwyer, Florida International University, USA

Vocabulary in Reading Studies - VIRS - a mobile app promoting kids' efficient lexical development  You’re a K-12 teacher. Your EL needs to learn academic vocabulary fast. We have an app for that. Based on corpora representing 10 million textbook words, we assembled VIRS, which promotes color-coding toward focus on vital vocabulary. Presenters demonstrate the app with respect to lesson planning, readability, and vocabulary size.   
  Ludette Agura, EF, China  Extending the classroom with WeChat  In an EFL context it’s often hard to encourage students to extend their language learning beyond the classroom. WeChat is a common messaging system available in China. This presentation will go over different activities that can be conducted using this app.  Extending the classroom with WeChat.pptx  

Collin Blair, Lansing School District, USA 

Laura Ramm, Michigan State University, USA

Busuu: Bite-sized lessons that stick  Busuu is a lively app that allows students to work through bite-sized lessons that are high in quality. Presenters demonstrate that this is a great tool for emergent learners, students with mid-level fossilized skills, and those who struggle with independent studying. Busuu helps teachers launch richer lesson plans!   
  Julice Daijo, JD English Language Consulting, Brazil  Making Intonation Visual Through the Use of Recorders  This presentation is about making intonation of the English language more visual, tangible and fun through the use of free apps like: Voice Memos (iPhone), Clear Record, Recorder, TW Recorder, and Make Staff which help raise learners' awareness to the frequency of pitch variation on a graphic. 

MAE Showcase - Atlanta 2019_Julice Daijo_HANDOUT.pdf

MAE Showcase - Altanta 2019_Julice Daijo.pptx  

  Brooke Stephens, Storylabs Language, USA  Using Quizlet to Read and Build Fluency  Quizlet has a new line of stories that go beyond vocabulary lists. Students begin with an illustration which is read to them in the target language. The card can be flipped for translation. The students progress through different levels, ending at the last level where they tell the story independently. 

MAE - Brooke Stephens.pdf

MAE Brooke Stephens Handout.pdf  


  James May, Valencia College, USA  Flipping for FlipGrid: It’s Like SnapChat, But for Homework!  Flipgrid is a FREE video discussion platform with easy-to-use recording tools that leverage student common underlying proficiencies with social media. Students say, “it’s like Snapchat, but for homework.” Come learn more about how you can use Flipgrid to incorporate authentic listening and speaking tasks into any curriculum.  Flipping for Flipgrid Link to handout
  Amy Russo, San Jose State University, USA  Using Bitmoji’s Customizable Avatar Sets for Fun and Contextualized Vocabulary Building and Discussion  The Bitmoji app (a personalized avatar set builder) is excellent for beginning-level language learners as it provides authentic material around the thematic content of body parts, clothing, emotions, and overall appearance. The presenter will demonstrate use of this free IOS/Android app with recommendations for lessons, projects, and formative assessment.   
  Kristen Chapron, iCivics, USA Interactive Video Games to Teach Content Areas Game-based learning is a fun and engaging way for students to learn through experience! Introducing two videogames from iCivics: Do I Have A Right? and Immigration Nation! Both feature digital scaffolds and tips for teachers to help EL students navigate the complex academic vocabulary of civics. Also available in Spanish! iCivics Mobile Apps_KChapron_TESOL2019.pdf iCivics Mobile Apps_KChapron_TESOL2019.pptx  


Name and Email  Biography 

Kristen Chapron, Project Manager


 1035 Cambridge Street | Suite 21B | Cambridge, MA 02141

617-549-4148 (c)
 Amy Russo, Coordinator for Multilingual Writing Support Services 
Writing Center

 Office: MLK Library 202Phone: 408-808-2101 LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/russoae


Ludette Agura 



 Brooke Stephens 



SJ Ehsanzadeh


Eric Dwyer




Collin Blair


Laura Ramm


TESOL MAE 2019 Busuu Blair-Ramm MAE1 slideshow.pptx  

James May





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