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Mobile Apps for Education 15th

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TESOL CALL-IS presents:

Mobile Apps for Education


10:30 - 10:15am  EDT

Friday, March 15

Technology Showcase, Expo Hall - Booth 1111

Live broadcast link: http://tinyurl.com/call-is-youtube



The date and time in Atlanta GA USA is


Use this time zone converter to compare Atlanta, U.S.A/Eastern Daylight Time to your local time. 




This Showcase session provides ESOL teachers with the opportunity to demonstrate pedagogical uses for their favorite apps.


Time  Speakers  Title  Summary  Materials 
  Rana Khan, Algonquin College, Kuwait  Knudge.me - Teach Vocabulary Through Gamification  Knudge.me is a mobile learning application that can help language learners build their vocabulary including idioms, synonyms and homonyms. This demonstration will show how this interactive platform can teach vocabulary through gamification and infographics. Participants will be shown how to use the mobile app to strengthen their students’ vocabulary 

Knudge me.pptx

Edmodo - Opening new horizons to interactive and blended learning-.pptx

Quizziz - Opening new horizons to interactive and blended learning.pptx  

  Mollie McOwen, Marshall University, USA  Using the CLIO App to Build Language and a Sense of Place  The award-winning CLIO app is a free historical marker resource in many towns and cities in the U.S., providing opportunities for students to physically explore and learn about their environments. This session demonstrates one use of CLIO to create student group projects ending in oral presentations and poster sessions. 

MAP Using the Clio App Handout.docx  MAP Using the Clio App LESSON PLAN.docx

MAP Using the Clio App SLIDE DECK.pptx

  Amy Russo, San Jose State University, USA  Using the Airbnb App for Authentic Language in Authentic Tasks  The Airbnb app (a marketplace for travelers and hosts) can be used to collect authentic language for persuasion and positive/negative feedback. The presenter will demonstrate use of this free Apple and Android app to locate, harvest, and share language chunks within a TLBT lesson for intermediate+ IEP/EFL/ELF classrooms.   
  Syeda Farzana Bukhari, University of the Punjab, Pakistan  Learn with Fun: Using Johnny Grammar’s Word Challenge App to Motivate Learners in the Classroom  This demonstration will show how Johnny Grammar’s Word Challenge App, a British Council app, can be used to motivate language learners to learn English grammar with fun in the classroom. The presenter will describe the different ways of handling this free, easy-to-use app in the class   

Nadezda Pimenova, Purdue, USA 

Nancy Farner, Purdue, USA

Using Flipgrid to Assess Students’ Reading, Listening and Speaking Skills  This demonstration will show how the Flipgrid app, a video discussion platform, can be used for reading, speaking and listening practice with ESL learners outside of the classroom. The presenters will show how to use this free, easy-to-use app and how to provide formative video feedback. 

Using Flipgrid to Assess Students’ Reading, Listening and Speaking Skills.pptx  

Using FlipGrid to Asess Students' Reading Listening & Speaking Skills Handout.pdf


  Siyi Fan, Boston University, USA  Using the WeChat App for English Learning  This demonstration will show how the WeChat app, a popular smartphone-based social media application, can be used for English learning. The presenter will cover how to use this free, easy-to-use app to take various exercises and how this app can be used for English classes  Siyi Fan-Using the WeChat App for English Learning.pptx  
  Randa Abdelmagid, VT, USA  Using ClassDojo for K-12 classrooms  ClassDojo is a mobile app that connects K-12 teachers with students and parents to build amazing classroom communities. It provides a platform for teachers to broadcast classroom activities, school announcements, assignments and students' behavioral reports. In addition, it facilitates instantaneous communication with parents either in groups or individually   
  Hanaa Khamis, Self-employed Teacher Trainer, Egypt Master English Pronunciation via Mobile Apps

This demo illustrates the use of two related Android-based apps: English Pronunciation and English Conversation. Practice on vowel and consonant sounds as well as intonation is done by listening and self-recording. Through voice recognition and a 5-star system, the app gives feedback on accuracy.


  Serhii Petrenko, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine Creating a Telegram Bot to Test Students This presentation will demonstrate how teachers without having special IT knowledge can create Telegram bots to assess student learning. The attendees will learn how Telegram bots can help manage placement, unit and progress tests, assess reading, listening and writing skills, as well as grammar and lexis systems.  
  Rana Khan, Algonquin College, Kuwait Quizzizz, the Ultimate Formative Assessment Tool Quizzizz is a free assessment tool for teachers that can help them assess their students using gamification. There are hundreds of available quizzes that can be used or customized to suit your students’ needs. Participants will be shown how to sign up as teachers and create quizzes for their students.  



Name and Email  Biography 

Mollie McOwen, 



Rana Khan 



Siyi Fan 


Syeda Farzana Bukhari   

Hanaa Khamis,  hanaakhs@aucegypt.edu  

Hanaa Khamis is an ELT practitioner and teacher trainer with 20+ years of experience. She earned her MA in TESOL from the American University in Cairo (AUC) in 2007. Her published MA thesis is on the study of communication strategies in computer-mediated interactions. Her training interests include instructional technology, assessment and pedagogy. She is an active member and presenter in national and international conferences. Currently she is NileTESOL LTSIG co-coordinator. 

Pimenova, Nadezda 


Nancy Farner



Amy Russo



Serhii Petrenko



Randa Abdelmagid







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