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On the Cutting Edge - Graduate Student Panels 15th

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On the Cutting Edge: Graduate Student Panels


12:15 - 1:30pm  EDT

Friday, March 15

Technology Showcase, Expo Hall - Booth 1111

Live broadcast link: http://tinyurl.com/call-is-youtube




The date and time in Atlanta GA USA is


Use this time zone converter to compare Atlanta, U.S.A/Eastern Daylight Time to your local time. 




Are you interested in what is on the cutting edge of technology in language teaching and learning? These graduate student research presentations provide graduate students with the opportunity to showcase their research.


Time  Speakers  Title  Summary  Materials 
  Undraa Maamuujav, University of California, Irvine, USA  Rhetorical value of Multimodality in L2 writing in the Age of Digital Literacy  The traditional approach that places overemphasis on alphabetic writing fosters narrow discursive modality and fails to promote rhetorical awareness and adequately prepare students for the complex dynamics of communication in an increasingly digital environment. My graduate study project looks into integrating multimodality in L2 writing class to promote rhetorical knowledge   
  Imelda Bangun, University of South Florida/ INTO University of South Florida, USA  Teaching Metacognitive Online Reading Strategies to Adult Immigrant Students  This session presents my findings on the effectiveness of teaching metacognitive online reading strategies to improve comprehension of adult immigrant students. The tools I integrated into class were metacognitive online reading tools, computerbased texts and glosses, e-book system, and multi-media literacy software that educators can adapt to their teaching contexts.   
  Siyi Fan, Boston University, USA  Adult English Language Learners’ Attitudes, Learning Purposes and Beliefs of Effectiveness towards English Learning through WeChat Add-ons  This qualitative method study investigated Chinese WeChat users' perceptions of WeChat add-ons in English learning progress through data collected from survey responses and individual interviews. An overview of the survey results will be discussed as well as a summary of excerpts from the interviews.   



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